Your other half is out there, waiting to be discovered. You don’t know where to look? These dating sites might have a hint!

Anyone who has been exploring the online dating world for a while knows that things tend to go a more “casual” way. And it’s true, both men and women, especially after a tough breakup, give up on trying to make a serious acquaintance until they meet their special someone and they chase short-term experiences that probably won’t go further than a first date or even just a chat.   

However, you should know that the online dating industry hasn’t given up on those who are looking for a long-term, loving relationship. There are still a significant number of options that stick to the idea of a whole other culture: “Romance is not dead and people can still fall in love online!”. Recent studies have shown that relationships that started online have a stronger foundation than those that started offline because people have met more potential matches and there’s a higher chance of finding a compatible partner. That statement alone is strong enough to have you give those sites a try!

If you find yourself in a place where you really think it’s about time you met someone to share a loving adventure with, let us introduce you to your best options:

Academic Singles: A beautiful mind over a beautiful face?

Sapiosexual (noun, singular): A person who is physically attracted to a person’s intellect or mind before appearance.  

This is not a random term that I just made up. Be my guest and google it. If you always felt that a pretty face comes second to a person’s mind and personality, do not consider yourself to be a weirdo just because the general trend goes against that. In fact, there is a place where hundreds of people like you have gathered up, searching for their other half. I’m talking about Academic Singles.

This online dating platform is well known for its scientific match-making method and most importantly for its audience. Members of the Academic Singles community are well-educated, smart individuals, who are no longer interested in going after a meaningless experience and search for the next big thing in their love life. And that’s exactly what Academic Singles provides for them. This is your perfect chance to find a person that gets excited about you for who you really are and not how you look on the outside. Check out Academic Singles today for free!

True Life Partner: Love meets no age constraints!

As you may have figured out already, True Life Partner is a dating site specializing in senior dating and it has known great success in UK since the very beginning. Their Νumber 1 priority is to provide a safe, fun, and comfortable environment for people who have reached their prime and are still in search of a caring companion to grow old together.   

Paying attention to the online dating users’ needs, the creators of True Life Partner have indeed managed to deliver a highly premium, user-friendly platform, making things easy even for those who find themselves unable to keep up with technology. Using its unique features is pretty straightforward (don’t miss out on the amazing Compatibility Feature), the signup process is as easy as it can get and safety levels have reached their maximum potential. All the above adds up to a pleasant experience and one of the greatest senior-singles communities out there.